How to Play Supreme Toto 6/58

Malaysia Supreme Toto 6/58 started back in March 2010 and has quickly taken over the online casino world by storm. Playing the Supreme Toto 6/58 is a no-brainer, and the players have to choose six numbers from 1-58 and wait for the draws. The draws for the game are held four times a week, including weekends. Further, there are three play methods available to win the game, which include system play, standard play, and EZ-bet.

Supreme Toto 6/58 is one of the riskiest lottery games with a winning chance of one in 40,475,358, but this can easily be overcome by hitting the jackpot and winning big.

1bet2you provides an easy way to purchase your Supreme Toto 6/58 tickets using their platform. The website also provides insights into the past week draw, and you can use the statistics to reach a more desirable result. However, if you are new to the game and aren’t willing to spend money on buying random numbers, then the below guide will likely help you win Supreme Toto 6/58.

How to win Supreme Toto 6/58

Lottery numbers are randomly drawn by an algorithm, although this doesn’t mean that a person cannot identify the pattern of winnings. In fact, the historical pattern can be used to our advantage before purchasing the Supreme Toto 6/58 tickets.

  1. Look for Odd-Even Lotto Numbers

    When you look at the past results of Toto, you will find that the winnings are a mixture of odd and even numbers. It is quite rare to find all even numbers and all odd numbers making up the draw results. Hence, one of the best strategies to diversify your risk is to purchase tickets with a combination of even and odd numbers and increase your chances to climb up the top results.

  2. Go for High-Low Lotto Numbers

    If we take the number field in Supreme Tot 6/58 and cut it into half, we will get two arrays of numbers. This will be numbers from 1 to 29, constituting the lower half numbers and 30 to 58 making up the higher half.

    As per the past and recent result statistics at 1bet2you, one can easily examine that the majority of winning numbers are a combination of a high and low range. In other words, all high numbers, such as 4852, 4933, etc. or all low numbers, like 1221, etc. are rarely drawn.

    This results in another strategy for new and veteran gamblers as they can filter out the numbers in the same range before purchasing their Toto tickets.

  3. Lottery Number Grouping Strategy

    If we look at the past winning numbers for Supreme Toto 6/58, we can find that one or more number range is absent from the draw. For example, in a combination of 5-13-18-33-39-47, there are no 20’s. Tracking such numbers and studying their chances of occurrence on the next draw might give additional weight to your strategy and can eventually help you win big.

  4. Hot and Cold Number Lottery Secrets

    Hot numbers are the combination of digits that have been out of the draw results for more than five games. These are called losing numbers and account for more than 70% of all winning numbers in the successor Toto game. In short, hot numbers are likely to hit in the upcoming rounds, though they might be a bit complex to find.

    In comparison, cold numbers are the combination of high and low number range that keeps hitting the draw results, such as 2342, 2441, 2946, etc. Although it is difficult to know when a cold number will lose its streak, it still provides one of the easiest strategies for lottery players to pick up the best combination of number for the next draw.

Supreme Toto 6/58 prediction

Honestly, there is a no single way to predict your way to win Supreme Toto 6/58. Professional gamblers use a variety of methods and spend countless hours analyzing past results before buying their share of Lotto. Predicting Supreme Toto can include the following strategies:

  1. Carefully going through past statistics

    The draw result history on 1bet2you isn’t there without a purpose. Instead, past statistics of the game provide an overall outlook of the random numbers drawn, and gamblers can use it to their advantage. Going through the results, you can easily come across repeat hits and number combination that makes usually makes it to the draw.

  2. Unearth the hidden number

    Multiple number combinations hardly make it to the draw results. These are special numbers and can be a ticket to your millionaire winnings. Discovering such numbers is easy, and one can easily do it by looking at past results.

    If you come across a number combination that hardly wins, such as series of the ’20s and ’50s, then maybe it is time to pick them.

  3. Avoiding numbers that have been drawn in the past

    Another prediction technique to win the Toto 6/58 game is by avoiding previously drawn numbers. Once a number is drawn for a round, it is almost guaranteed that it will not appear in the successive rounds. With more than two drawings a week in Malaysia Supreme Toto 6/58, the set of 6 numbers only have a chance of getting drawn once every 28678 years! The figure also answers the question of novice gamblers who often argue on playing the same set and combination of numbers thinking that it is due to hit sometime.


Playing Supreme Toto 6/58 is fun, and people have won big by carefully going through the drawn patterns and making their best predictions. 1bet2you provides an exciting platform to play your favorite lotto, and with their up to date statistics, one can be sure of not missing out the drawn results.

If you are looking to hit the jackpot while sitting at your home, then signing up on 1bet2you and buying your first tickets should be the way forward. Besides, the platform has several promotional offers for new and regular customers that you can browse here, and their slot games only mean a more engaging environment while you wait for the Toto 6/58 result draw.

Besides, there are also guides on how to play Supreme Toto 6/55 & Supreme Toto 6/50.

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